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EPA Launches eDisclosure, Modernizing Implementation of Self-Policing Incentive Policies

Friday, January 22, 2016

EPA - On December 9, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the launch of eDisclosure in the Federal Register, Notice of eDisclosure Portal Launch: Modernizing Implementation of EPA’s Self-Policing Incentive Policies(6 pp, 267K, About PDF).  The EPA is modernizing implementation of self-disclosure policies by creating a centralized web-based “eDisclosure” portal to receive and automatically process self-disclosed civil violations of environmental law. Under the automated eDisclosure system, large and small businesses will quickly be able to resolve certain routine types of disclosures. EPA is launching the eDisclosure system to continue the benefits of self-disclosure policies and provide penalty mitigation and other incentives for companies that self-police, disclose, correct and prevent violations. The implementation changes announced today will make the processing of disclosures faster and more efficient, and will save time and resources for regulated entities and EPA.  See eDisclosure Information Sheet.

eDisclosure uses EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) to allow entities to promptly disclose violations and submit timely compliance certifications under EPA’s Audit Policy and Small Business Compliance Policy, which will be processed automatically by EPA. Find out more about EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX).

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