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New Resource for Development and Delivery of Training to Workers

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The EHS industry enters another year, which means companies have essentially a clean slate, new fiscal budgets, and new goals and aspirations.  However, OSHA and EPA regulations that require annual compliance training are still applicable and need to be updated with current, annual cycles for new training courses.  January and February months are good months to achieve these goals as many work environments are shut down or delayed due to inclement weather.

Methods, deliveries and techniques for completing staff training vary from classroom to computer-based but guidance documentation provided by OSHA is clear in the sense that training must:

  1. Be presented in a manner that employees can understand,
  2. Be effective in relaying safety and health information pertinent to the safety of employee’s jobs,
  3. Provide the employee the opportunity to ask questions for specific disciplines,
  4. Meet the intent of standard as well as include all elements as prescribed by regulation.
  5. Be inclusive of current topics and readily documented and reproducible.
  6. Also be able to demonstrate what information was relayed in the training
  7. Be delivered by knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

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Additional clarification and guidance can be found in an OSHA interpretation Document dated April 29, 2010 and can be found at:            


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