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OSHA & NIOSH Collaborate to Update Heat Safety App

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

OSHA & NIOSH recently collaborated to release a redesigned Heat Safety Tool app. The co-branded tool, called Heat Index, allows users to calculate the heat index for their location or worksite. Based on the heat index, the app displays the risk level to outdoor workers and provides protective and preventative measures that should be taken to avoid heat-related illness.

The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool includes:

  • A visual indicator of the heat index and associated risk levels for your current location
  • An interactive, hourly forecast of the heat index values, associated risk levels, and recommendations
  • Signs & symptoms of various heat-related illnesses
  • First aid information for each heat-related illness
  • Editable location, temperature, and humidity
  • Additional tips, risk factors, and resources

This app is available on both Android and iPhone operating systems. Click the links to be directed to the corresponding app stores.


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