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White House Regulatory Freeze: Delayed Effective Dates and Regulations in Jeopardy

Monday, January 30, 2017

On January 20th, a memorandum was issued by the White House Office of the Press Secretary prohibiting executive departments and federal agencies from sending regulations to the Office of the Federal Register until a department or agency head, appointed by President Trump, reviews and approves the regulations. Meanwhile, regulations that have been sent but not yet published in the Federal Register must be withdrawn for review and approval. The memorandum also dictates that the executive department and agency heads “temporarily postpone” effective dates of published regulations that are not yet effective for 60 days.

Major regulations with uncertain futures include:

See a complete list of 30 rules that are subject to the 60-day postponement period, published by the EPA on the Federal Register. Key regulations from this list include:

  • Certain State implementation and attainment plans under the Clean Air Act
  • Standards for Renewable Fuels
  • New Formaldehyde standards
  • Radon Emission Standards
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