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EPA Issues "Year in Review 2017-2018"

Monday, March 26, 2018

EPA Year In Review

On March 5, 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report titled EPA Year in Review 2017-2018. The report includes an introductory letter by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in which he states he has been “hard at work enacting President Donald Trump’s agenda during [his] first year as EPA Administrator.” The report goes on to highlight accomplishments of the previous year and discusses their commitment to returning the agency to its core mission.

According to the report, Administrator Scott Pruitt “has set forth a ‘back-to-basics agenda’ centered on returning EPA to its proper role via three objectives:”

  1. Refocusing the Agency back to its core mission
  2. Restoring power to the states through cooperative federalism
  3. Adhering to the rule of law and improving Agency processes

The EPA’s Core Mission, as stated in the report, is “clean air, land and water.” A core mission that, according to the report, the EPA has expanded its authority and jurisdiction outside of in recent years. The report continues:

“In the process, central responsibilities of the Agency took a backseat to ideological crusades, allowing some environmental threats like cleaning up toxic land –to go unaddressed. Administrator Pruitt returned the Agency to its core mission and prioritized issues at the heart of EPA’s purpose: ensuring access to clean air and water, cleaning up contaminated lands and returning them to communities for reuse, improving water infrastructure, and ensuring chemicals entering the marketplace are reviewed for safety.”

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Air: Improving Air Quality
  • Water: Provide for Clean and Safe Water
  • Land: Revitalize Land for Reuse
  • Chemicals: Ensure Safety of Chemicals
  • Enforcement
  • Cooperative Federalism and Public Participation
  • Rule of Law

The report can be found on the EPA’s website.

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