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Use of Amendments for In Situ Remediation at Superfund Sediment Sites

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This document introduces the most promising amendments for in situ remediation of sediments and summarizes some of the information on contaminated sediment sites that have already employed these amendments. This document is not a guidance or design document and provides information on the state of the practice of the use of amendments for in situ remediation of contaminated sediments, as well as three case studies where these amendments have been used. This document also focuses on the use of amendments either by themselves or in conjunction with a conventional isolation cap or a thin layer cap and enhanced Monitored Natural Recovery (EMNR). The amendments discussed are designed to treat hydrophobic organic contaminants, metals, or both. Some of these amendments may also be effective in reducing risks from NAPL (April 2013, 61 pages).

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(OSWER Directive 9200.2-128FS)

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