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Wastewater Surcharge Survey 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

To keep you better informed, PSARA Technologies has again canvassed the municipalities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and surrounding metropolitan cities in the Midwest for their annual charges to an industry with a specified wastewater quality. This survey was conducted in November of 2020 of wastewater treatment services in each city. Annual sewer charges were determined for a representative waste stream with a flow rate of 20,000 gallons per day (gpd), 600 mg/L total suspended solids (TSS), 800 mg/L biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), 50 mg/L total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), and 5 mg/L total phosphorous (TP).

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Most notable is the wide range of charges for the same wastewater from $11,638 to $94,886 (0.22 to 1.82 cents per gallon). The average annual cost across the municipalities we surveyed was $46,134 (0.89 cents per gallon). On average, extra strength surcharges accounted for 24% of the total annual cost, with a range from <1% to 67%.

Each municipality has its own unique formula for computing charges, including a base fee, usage charge, and surcharges for suspended solids, BOD, COD, nitrogen, phosphorous, and monitoring requirements. Most municipalities post their rates on a website, along with their rules and regulations. Others will mail or fax the current rates upon request.

Municipalities have varying operating costs based on volume and complexity of influent, receiving stream sensitivity, regulatory requirements, and availability of materials and labor.

You might not be able to move your plant, but you can reduce your sewer fees by reducing the quantity or altering the composition of your wastewater discharge. PSARA Technologies can analyze your industrial discharges, recommend process improvements, and perform an economic analysis to demonstrate the payback period and internal rate of return on the investment in plant improvements.

Learn more about our industrial wastewater services or contact us for a free consultation here. 

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