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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Manufacturing facilities are often required to pretreat their process wastewater before it can be discharged to the local sewer system. PSARA engineers have the expertise to design a wastewater treatment (WWT) system from process to outfall, including collection systems, pumping stations, storage and treatment operations, monitoring systems, and instrumentation and control. After the engineering is complete, PSARA can help bring the system from the drawing board to the plant floor.

The same expertise PSARA brings to design-and-build projects can also be used to improve and optimize your current wastewater infrastructure. If surcharges for permit exceedances have become the norm, or if costs for filters or treatment chemicals are out of line, it may be time to reexamine your process and explore new technologies. Sometimes a small improvement can yield big dividends.

PSARA’s engineers can assist you with the design and implementation of the following industrial WWT technologies: 

  • Aerobic and anaerobic biological processes
  • Dissolved air floatation (DAF)
  • Metals precipitation (including chrome reduction)
  • Activated carbon
  • Oil interceptors
  • Bag and cartridge filters
  • Rotary and shaker screens
  • Equalization tanks
  • Sludge dewatering equipment
  • pH and ORP monitoring and control

PSARA also offers training, permitting, and monitoring services for wastewater projects.

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