2018 UST Compliance Management Tracking

We’ve known about them for a long time.  We have had the opportunity to provide review and comment.  On October 18, 2018, new federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations become effective.  Although the compliance date is a year and a half away, planning for the changes now will pay off in the long run.

Enhanced testing of containments and regular inspection of key petroleum system components will be required.  Many states have already implemented some or all of the requirements of the new federal regulations (containment testing, regular inspections, operator training, etc.).  However, others have not, and in those states, there could be some big changes coming.  Complicating this is whether a particular state will simply adopt the new federal regulations or pass their own rules.  Owner/operators could be trying to comply with two sets of regulations, causing confusion and duplication of efforts.

One of the most important changes for which owner/operators need to prepare is regular inspection and testing of the UST system components (overfill, containment, annual walk through).  Some inspections must be performed annually and others triennially, which can cause confusion for personnel conducting the inspections and complicate recordkeeping.  Various installation dates for various types of overfill and containment can easily become mired in questions of who did what/when and what records are available for review by implementing agencies.

Answering such questions (and providing the supporting documentation) can be a big hurdle for owner/operators with multiple facilities who are not organized and do not understand the petroleum systems completely.

Automation of the inspection and recordkeeping process can simplify and/or eliminate these problems.  PSARA Technologies has developed a sophisticated software system, known as PlanTRAK, that allows owner/operators to track inspection due dates, notify managers of upcoming inspections and testing, send reminders to key personnel to complete critical inspections and testing, and document that inspection records and other important files have been uploaded.  PlanTRAK  is completely customizable for the applications you need.  As your needs change, so can PlanTRAK.  Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your compliance efforts.  Don’t get caught procrastinating or waiting to see what will happen.  Contact PSARA Technologies to find out how PlanTRAK can help you keep track of your testing and inspection responsibilities.