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PSARA Employees Get Dirty

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It was an early and chilly start for PSARA Employees on 9/17/14 as they departed in their trusty canoes.

Little Miami Cleanup 9.17.14-2

Armed with gloves, trash bags, shovels and a sense of determination, Team PSARA was ready and willing to take out any trash in their way. No item was too small, albeit some were just a tad too large (Apparently old sunken cars somewhat exceeded the canoes' 800lb weight limit).

PSARA employees looked high and low on the river banks in search of plastic bags, cans, bottles and above all else, the illusive and coveted tire. A friendly competition quickly ensued between the canoe teams as to which canoe could bring home the most rubber. A few muddy shoe mishaps and one near overboard experience later, the PSARA team hauled their prizes to shore!

Little Miami Cleanup 9.17.14


A great experience and a new sense of comradery was had by all. PSARA would like to thank the Little Miami Conservancy for organizing this cleanup and we cannot wait to do it again next year!

If you would like more information on the Little Miami Conservancy or to facilitate your own cleanup adventure, check them out on facebook!