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Announcing PlanTRAK 5.2!

Monday, December 2, 2019

We are excited to announce PlanTRAK 5.2, the newest version of our compliance management software! This update includes several exciting new tools, features, and user experience improvements.

PlanTRAK is an EHS and general compliance management system that isn't overpriced or absurdly difficult to use. PSARA believes in solving problems to simplify our clients' lives. We think EHS compliance is complicated enough. Managing it shouldn't have to be. That is why we developed PlanTRAK over 10 years ago, and that is why our clients love it.

Learn more about PlanTRAK here, or visit our website:

What's New in PlanTRAK 5.2?

Document Manager

Store and manage your permits, SOP’s, forms, and other important compliance documents in one central location with the Document Manager. This new tool enables you to upload, edit, and view documents, which can then be attached directly to Management Plan Items and Events in PlanTRAK.

Link Multiple Documents

You can now link up to 10 reference or help documents to Management Plan Items and Events. This new feature allows you to provide instructions, forms, permits, and other useful information for any given task.

Site Information Page

Record relevant information for your facilities to improve communication and the transfer of information during transition. The Site Information Page is a great place to record notes about facility specific information, regulatory inspections, changing state or local regulations, or other activity at the site.

Learn more about PlanTRAK 5.2 on the announcement page.

Plan TRAK 5.2 Announcement Page