How to Avoid Spring Mold Growth in Your Facility

Spring is here and that means spring rains, ponding, and water showing up in places where it wasn’t before. And with water comes the possibility of mold. Spring is peak mold season, and water is the main indicator of where you’ll find mold growing.

If you have a building or property that has had water infiltration, then it’s not a question of if but when mold will set up colonies. When the rains come, here are some things that building maintenance should be doing:

Routine inspections are key to discovering mold early on, but even if you can see mold growing, you might still need testing services. If mold is growing on the walls, it may also have set up colonies inside the air vents and returns and other areas that are less obvious. Finding and removing all mold colonies and sources quickly will help you avoid more serious, long-term mold problems.

If you have questions about mold, or if you suspect mold growth on your property or facility, please contact Jason Van Dyke, CIH at (513)792-6943 or