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Our Purpose

PSARA Technologies incorporated in 1986 to provide engineering solutions to complex hazardous waste site cleanups. While we remain firmly rooted in the environmental restoration market, PSARA has matured into a full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm whose purpose is to provide exceptional services to EHS managers, real estate developers, petroleum retailers, public institutions, and legacy property owners.

Our Mission

Since our inception, PSARA’s raison d’être has never wavered:  to deliver a superior level of technical consulting and project management services to clients faced with complex environmental or occupational health and safety challenges.

Directed by hands-on leaders and supported by enthusiastic team members, PSARA applies the most appropriate diagnostic methods and innovative tools to correctly identify the project’s objectives, create cost-effective solutions, and efficiently manage resources to meet our clients’ goals.

Over time, these efforts have earned the trust, respect, and loyalty of our clients. Our mission today is to forge lasting relationships with companies seeking a conscientious, reputable EHS partner.

«Values Build Trust ~ Trust Builds Relationships»

Our Promise

PSARA Technologies exceeds clients’ expectations by using rigorous, creative-driven, collaborative processes that carefully analyze all options before delivering customized, cost-effective solutions that align with the latest regulatory requirements.

This does not occur by accident. It’s the result of PSARA leaders and team members being fully engaged in every project to ensure their broad spectrum of EHS experiences and problem-solving skills are applied from inception of the recommended solution through project completion.

PSARA promises every client will receive:

  • More Effective EHS Solutions
    • Seasoned leaders with hands-on accountability and an unmatched breadth of EHS project experiences are assigned to direct every project.
    • Every project undergoes a disciplined review of alternate solutions to ensure the client’s time and budget constraints are met.
    • All reports are subjected to an exacting review process to ensure they deliver comprehensive project details and accurate results in a clear, concise manner.
  • A More Collaborative Approach
    • Our project managers engage clients in an open dialog at the beginning of a project to ensure they fully comprehend the project’s objectives.
    • Team leaders consult with in-house and external experts during the project planning phase and at critical decision points to determine the best course of action.
    • Work processes between our clients and external partners are executed with flawless synergy.
  • An Unwavering Commitment and Dedication
    • PSARA’s cultural emphasis on client service guarantees team members remain accessible and responsive throughout the course of a project.
    • Team leaders are held accountable during performance reviews for meeting project schedules and budgets and executing projects safely.
    • PSARA recognizes project teams that demonstrate superior customer service with “PSARA Service Legend” awards.
  • A Secure and Confident Mindset
    • Integrity and quality drive all decision-making activities, from project initiation through completion.
    • Years of technical and project management experience mean PSARA team leaders can anticipate issues before they become problematic.
    • A proven track record of on-time and on-budget results provides confidence that PSARA can get the job done.

And finally, our promise demands a tireless effort from every PSARA team member to always carefully ingest, interpret, and integrate the latest regulatory changes into our recommended solutions as they are introduced and implemented.

Delivering against this promise has helped PSARA establish a track record for exceeding client expectations for quality, timeliness, and enthusiasm. With our client-centric focus and a shared vision for your project objectives and deliverables, we ensure a successful solution every time.

Our Service

PSARA has long practiced exceptional service on every project assignment and in all our client relationships. This effort begins on day one with every new PSARA employee orientation and then extends across every client touchpoint, whether it’s answering our phone or presenting the final project report.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in performance by delivering superior service at every stage. Service is so important to us that we’ve woven it tightly into our culture and even into our identity to make sure everyone knows PSARA means PSERVICE. With PSARA, you’ll always receive:

Personalized Service with Accessibility, Responsiveness and Accountability.

And don’t be surprised if, at the end of your next project, we ask you to rate your PSARA PSERVICE. We want to learn if we exceeded your expectations and where improvements are required.