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Professional Engineers Day

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Cheers to professional engineers! In celebration of Professional Engineers Day, we would like to recognize a few of our principal engineers. Meet Mike Hessling, P.E. and Joel Gross, P.E. LEED AP ND. As professional civil and environmental engineers, Mike and Joel spend their time planning, designing, and implementing solutions for our clients and communities.

Mike, PSARA’s President and founder, has more than 35 years of experience in environmental engineering. Mike is an expert in the assessment, remediation, and redevelopment of environmentally impacted properties. He specializes in negotiating and implementing advantageous remedial solutions in a variety of regulatory frameworks, including state voluntary programs, agreed orders, and consent decrees. We asked Mike what he loves about engineering and his job, here is what what he had to say:

“At this point in my career, I find great joy in mentoring young engineers and finding creative alternatives to environmental engineering problems.”

Pe -day -mch -psara

Joel, PSARA’s Director of Engineering, has more than 15 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering. Joel has extensive experience in civil design, construction inspection and management, industrial/mechanical design, environmental design, and regulatory compliance and permitting. Joel had this to say about his love for engineering:

“There are two major components that drive my love for engineering: The first is the team and network collaboration necessary to manage and solve a wide variety of environmental problems.  This technical collaboration and the pride in knowing you are using your talents to make a long-term environmental difference is what gets me out of bed each day.  The second reason is the human side of the profession.  I love to work with, learn from, and mentor the quality people you meet and work with as a part of this profession.  From clients, to city and industry leaders and contractors, there is no better set of folks than those I get to interact with on a regular basis."

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Together, Mike and Joel lead our engineering team, bringing an unmatched level of expertise, experience, and passion to our clients…and they are only part of our exceptional team.

If you would like to talk or meet with Mike or Joel, or learn more about PSARA, call (513)791-4418 or send either of an email at or